Signature i45. (Pair)


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Building on the development of the i25 and the i35, the floor standing i45 extends the performance of the new compact Signature series with proprietary white Magnesium/Alloy drive units in a refined big sounding but physically compact three way speaker.

Deeper extended bass from our proprietary woofer providing a rich and more full bodied experience. Another proprietary dedicated mid range and tweeter in an advanced coaxial design couples to the bass seamlessly. The coaxial design places the high frequency driver perfectly in the acoustic centre of the surrounding midrange driver. This means perfect uniformity of sound, perfect alignment of the high frequency range with the midrange frequencies which results in accurate, detailed sound over a wide area in your home.

The Signature i45 provides impact and performance. The three way design separates out the more demanding low frequencies to the matching specially designed long throw, highly dynamic 6 1/2" woofer. The coaxial midrange driver is left to accurately handle the detail and finesse required for clean and clear reproduction over that frequency band.Vocals, instruments like piano, guitar, violin can be reproduced with amazing clarity.

The reproduction accuracy is superb - transparency, detail, imaging, and sound staging deliver an amazingly life-like performance. The accuracy and dynamic capability contribute significantly to its realistic reproduction of all musical genres. The bass performance is extended and dynamic. Extended to 30Hz, this compact speaker sounds more like a well resolved larger floor standing speaker.

Uniformity of process across the entire VAF Signature Series ensures that other VAF Signature models can be used in harmony with the VAF Signature i45. In a multi channel home theatre system for example, paired with the Signature i90's  in the rear channels or i25's both rear and centre channel.

Years of experience lay behind the design of this unique speaker range. Made by hand right here in our own manufacturing facility, every one is taken through an extensive build process only begun when you order. Your speaker uniquely made for you.


The heart of the i45 are a pair of proprietary white Magnesium/Alloy drive units. The only ones in the world like it.

Developed with Norwegian company SEAS (Scandinavian Electro Acoustic Systems) the coaxial design combines an extremely high quality high frequency driver that mounts directly into the magnet assembly of an advanced mid low frequency drive unit. This means perfect alignment of all frequencies at all times from a single point in space. High, mid and low frequencies are produced in exact alignment - this is a key stone design feature of all VAF speaker technology and the only way to be able to recreate musical instruments complex harmonic structure faithfully. If your speaker drive units are not time aligned they are unable to recreate the harmonics of real instruments...Period. Why is this important? The harmonics are what make up the complex structure that makes things sound uniquely like they do. If you played an audible note on a guitar and a violin an strip away all of the harmonics, they would sound the same! Recreating the harmonic structures faithfully means you'll hear what you're supposed to hear faithfully.

seas tweeter

The construction of the drivers themselves uses a magnesium alloy that is both highly rigid and having special damping properties that give the ability to reproduce extremely fine detail at realistic volume levels. The bass driver cone is supported by an extended roll surround and double folded rear suspension giving us an immense amount of excursion capability - meaning more bass than ever before. Copper shorting rings front and back of an over sized air vented voice coil lower distortion figures further.

The moving parts are mounted in an anti resonant magnesium cast frame with no less than six fixing points for the high tensile fasteners to secure the unit.

The cabinet itself is a highly damped solid construction with considerable attention paid to internal resonances and standing wave distribution. High efficiency Hypercel internal damping produces a near perfect loading environment for the drive unit allowing control and extension of low frequencies.

An obvious and integral design feature on every VAF loudspeaker is natural, acoustically absorbent fibre treatments. This is another key element in VAF's design technology and highly important to accurately control dispersion and effectively eliminate diffraction effects - a major cause of poor imaging and loss of a focused and accurate sound stage.

Not only on the surface but also internally positioned this material is highly effective.


Manufactured from only first grade MDF up to 43mm thick, cabinet construction is highly detailed. Precisely mitred joints and substantial internal cross-bracing characterise the superior quality of these loudspeakers.

Upgrades that actually make a difference!

We strive to make extremely high quality speakers that deliver excellent value - we've been manufacturing and supplying speakers for over 40 years and our value for money has always been recognised. Making an excellent product even better, we've developed some optional upgrades to push the performance envelope.

Cable UP :

Internal wiring with Analysis Plus cables. We're an AP convert, excellent quality cables that make a huge difference to the sound. They make some of the most affordable and best sounding cables available, backed up with measurement data and solid and explainable reasons why. Industry recognised these are the cables we recommend you use to connect your speakers to the amplifier externally - so we provide an option to use their cabling internally as well. AP wiring upgrade is two levels.

Level 1. 12 gauge cable utilising a hollow oval cross section & braided oxygen free copper. +$240.

Level 2. No compromise Silver cable super high detail low loss. 12 gauge cable constructed of pure silver over a stabilising strand of oxygen-free copper. The cable is woven into a patented hollow oval geometry in an oval-coaxial configuration. +$925

 Mass UP:

Added mass and vibration control is always an added advantage. We make our cabinets very inert but there's a limit what can be done at a cost. As an option we can include high density mass loaded sheeting internally to lower resonant frequency of the structure even further. Pushing the performance to another level, it is a time intensive exercise we can include in the process.

Cabinet loading upgrade - $549


Cross over capacitors have the largest influence on the sound performance in a cross over. We can option in ultra caps, multi layered super low loss capacitors we import from France. These are a wonderful upgrade to speed and transient response.

Cap upgrade - $500

Finishes include very high quality piano gloss or satin lacquer on crown cut, genuine timber veneers including Australian Jarrah, American Cherry, Black Oak and Tasmanian Blackwood. A black Piano gloss finish is also offered at extra cost. Other finishes are available on request.



Frequency Range 30Hz ~ 25kHz
Phase Response ±15° (100Hz ~ 20kHz)
Impedance 6 ohms (nominal)
Sensitivity 88dB (2.83V / 1m)
Amplifier Power up to 200W - power should be selected based on room size and required playback levels. In most cases 75-150W will be suitable.
Dimensions 310mm (D) × 220mm (W) × 1030mm (H)
Weight 40kg (Net) each
Finishes American Cherry. Australian Jarrah. Black Oak. Piano Black. Piano Palisander. Tasmanian Blackwood.
Sold As: Pairs

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