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The VAF Signature i93 loudspeakers are acclaimed as one of the best loudspeakers in the world. “Rolling Stones Magazine quoted “The ultimate in high fidelity performance with the best bass in the world”, and now the Signature i93cc is the first centre speaker available to perfectly complement these legendary loudspeakers.

Like its floor standing counterpart the Signature i93cc centre speaker represents the state-of-the-art in production moving coil loudspeaker technology and is one of the few production loudspeakers which will truly reproduce accurate and low-distortion bass to an earthmoving 20Hz.

In many rooms they will reproduce bass down to 17Hz at only -6dB. Only the best components have been selected, and have been applied with the most sophisticated design techniques currently known.

It provides a level of accuracy and performance not seen in any other loudspeaker in the world at their price. Uniformity of process across the entire VAF Signature Series also ensures that other VAF Signature Series models can be used in harmony with the VAF Signature i93cc to create a multi-channel surround sound theatre system without peer.

Description The VAF Signature i93cc centre speaker is beautifully crafted to the highest standard in finely finished genuine timber veneers and weighs in at a massive 100kg.


Frequency Range 17Hz ~ 22kHz
Amplifier Power up to 500W (recommended)
Frequency Response 21Hz ~ 19kHz (±1.2dB)
Phase Response ±5° (100Hz ~ 20kHz)
Impedance 4 ohms (nominal)
Sensitivity 89dB (2.83V / 1m)
Dimensions 268mm High x 1474mm Wide x 500mm Deep

Warranty Information.


While very uncommon, and much more complex as well as expensive to build, use of Time Synchronized Arrays are the only way currently possible for a loudspeaker to sound natural (accurate). In real life, every sound is made up of many frequencies. For instance, when a guitar string is plucked it will resonate at a particular fundamental frequency, as well as resonate at a harmonic frequency twice the fundamental frequency, and another three times, four times, all the way to infinity. Along with the frequencies themselves, the relationship in loudness between each fundamental tone and its related harmonics is critical to the reproduction of sound, and specifically how natural or accurate the reproduced sound will be perceived. For instance, why does one guitar sound different to another despite the strings of each being tuned identically? And why can that difference be heard through some speakers and not others? The same applies to all instruments and sounds. Drums, pianos, synthesizers, even a foot tapping on a floor, the same physics is at work. Time synchronized arrays in loudspeakers feature 3 critical components. 1) Time alignment of the speaker drivers, 2) even total power response (how evenly the speaker radiates its sound into a room), and 3) the type and tuning of the filters in the loudspeakers electrical crossovers.


Time alignment is achieved by stepping the various drivers (Woofers, Tweeters, Midranges) on the front of the speaker so that the acoustic centres are the same distance from a listener. For this to be effective a special kind of electrical crossover must also be used. All VAF loudspeakers are time algned.


VAF engineer the power response of all its loudspeakers to radiate sound as evenly as is possible for each model. In this way the proportion of bass, mid and trebble in the direct sound corelates more closely with the proportion of bass, mid and treble in the reflected sound and the listeners brain can corelate the two making the speakers less effected by a rooms acoustics and easier to place in a room.


Pure Copper Induction Rings Magnetic Field Shaping High precision machined magnetic gaps


All speakers take a moment to stop making sound (decay). The faster a speaker stops making sound the less that sound ‘blankets’ sound which follow it, or finer details in the sound. The more evenly the bass, mid and treble decay the more consistent the ‘pitch’ of the speaker. VAF loudspeakers are among the very few in the world that engineer for fast and even decay in all its incarnations. This includes diffraction, cabinet resonances, internal cabinet sound reflections, stored energy in electrical crossovers and more.


Double Layer Diffraction Control As sound moves across the speaker baffle, it reflects or diffracts off the baffle and baffle edges. Twin layers of diffraction control material effectively stop these destructive reflections before they even happen.



Along with Diffraction Control Absorber, larger VAF Signature speakers feature the addition of resonant cavities in the diffraction absorber which significantly increase the frequency range over which the absorber operate.


VAF loudspeakers are designed to steer the rear energy in a way that transmits it as far away from the driver as possible while also ensuring that energy passes through internal cabinet damping as many times as possible before ultimately returning to the driver. In this way much more rear energy is damped and hence does not re-radiate into the room. The result is a more pure sound.


As no driver is perfect good crossovers also equalise and shape the response of each driver as well as the overal response of the speaker.VAF use a particular type of design aproach which minimises the unessesary stored energy in crossovers, and as a result produce a much more pure and natural sound than conventional crossovers.


VAF loudspeakers that have multiple woofers have been designed in a way where the geometric relationship between the enclosure panels for the top woofer is different to the geometric relationship of the lower woofer and its associated cabinet panels. The two woofers are then connected together electrically in parrallel enabling the cabinet induced electrical artifacts of one woofer to be electrically damped through the others voice coil.


VAF have performed exhaustive testing to find the most effective damping materials. This generation of Hypersoft offers the best performance yet. Accurate placement within each cabinet ensures maximum attenuation of any internal standing waves.


The voice coil of a woofer or midrange driver takes power from an amplifier and converts that to a magnetic force which drives the cone forward or backwards to create a sound wave. Heat is also generated by this process. The electrical resistance of a voice coil increases as its temperature increases. As its electrical resistance increases its efficiency decreases. This results in thermal compression which compresses the sound reproduced, robbing it of the ability to fully express the dynamics of the music it is reproducing. The use of a large copper heat-sink inside the voice-coil that projects forward of the cone into the fresh air of the room the speaker is placed in results in two things. Firstly copper is an exceptional conductor of heat, and as such can extract heat from the voice-coil to transfer that heat into the air in front of the cone cooling the voice-coil in the process. Secondly, the mass of the copper is significant and requires a great deal of energy to raise its temperature. As a result the fluctuations in temperature of the voice coil are suppressed. This is particularly useful in minimizing compression of sound with big dynamics such as drums and other percussion instruments.


Conventional loudspeakers have relatively high distortion in comparison to the amplifiers feeding them. One of the reasons for this is that the electrical load they represent to the electrical crossovers inside the speaker and the amplifiers feeding them changes with the position of the woofer or midrange voice-coil. A voice coil is not only a motor, like all coils of wire it is also an inductor. When a ferrous metal is inserted into an inductor its inductance increases dramatically. And when removed the inductance reduces dramatically. As a result on every motion of a voice coil forward and backwards into its magnetic system, its inductance constantly changes. This makes it impossible for the electrical crossover to deliver stable performance, nor an amplifier connected to it. By employing large pure copper induction rings both in front of and behind the front magnetic pole piece of a woofer or midrange drivers motor, the inductance of the driver becomes far more consistent and distortion levels are reduced 5-10 times lower than conventional speakers.

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