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With our founder, serial entrepreneur Philip Vafiadis, still at the helm, we are incredibly proud of our product range.

VAF Research is an Australian private company and we continue to create and design and build great loudspeakers.

The majority of our sales are our own VAF branded loudspeakers and subwoofers which are designed on a very specific and uncommon design philosophy truly ensuring more natural and accurate sound reproduction.
Tens of thousands of individual owners in Australia and around the world use our loudspeakers in their stereo and home theatre systems.

Alongside these many individual owners, VAF loudspeakers have been used by The Conservatory of Music (Elder Hall), Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Microsoft, School of Audio Engineering, Telstra, Kojo Productions, Parliament House Canberra, the worlds largest electro-acoustic system at the time at Adelaide Festival Centre and other significant projects and clients.

With our Global Head Quarters located in Adelaide, we offer specialised service with a team of great people who really love our product, and are passionate about you having the best listening experience possible.



Established in January 1978 and now 36 years in the making. A personal story of VAF by its founder from building speakers in his bedroom, to creating a global audio brand.


In the mid/late 1990’s Philip was at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (CES) checking out the high end audio exhibits at the Alexis Park along with the competitor show next door, “The High End show (THE), when I realised they were full of people just like me – I counted 90 of them, one after the next. Room after room. All passionate people. All loved the industry. All using high quality components. All expressing their passion and fiddling with the parts to get the best sound quality they could, whatever that meant to each of them. And while most believed their products were special or different, they weren’t. That included me. That’s the moment the VAF philosophy was born.



I wasn’t looking to create a business, I just wanted to create better loudspeakers. At that moment in Las Vegas I knew for sure however that creating a different kind of loudspeaker meant I needed to create a different kind of business.

Leading up to that moment, and for a few years after, along with our own loudspeakers VAF designed and/or built loudspeakers and loudspeaker parts sold in Australia under brands including Dynaudio, Jamo, Dali, Duntech, Scanspeak, Vifa, Sony, Protean, Diva, Peerless and more.


VAF was already doing good work. We were getting magazine covers and great reviews on our own loudspeakers and helping other known brands with their products. It was common at the time to hear high-end audio people say you couldn’t measure great sound, that it was a subjective thing. It turns out, with the right equipment it’s really easy to measure. We began to associate measurements with what we were hearing. This was the beginning for us of creating a science for the sound we were recreating. It is for the artist to create beautiful music; our job is to use science and technology to recreate the artists vision as closely as we can”


Over the next decade the VAF team developed a number of loudspeakers. Using the best components, the result was a high quality speaker. Then VAF won a contract to work with Telstra and began to invest in better testing equipment. We also worked on the worlds largest electro-acoustic reinforcement system and from that with an amazing team of engineers some of our most groundbreaking developments were to ensue.


At this stage the team realised that everything they could hear, the good and the bad, has a corresponding measurement. This led the team on a journey of 25 years to understand and eliminate the source of problems, such as distortion, stored energy and feedback.

We’re proud to have created some of the finest speakers ever built, acclaimed and used by professionals and thousands of music and movie lovers world wide. Our core ideals of accuracy, technical excellence, value and performance exceeding expectations have and will continue to drive us forward.


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